Profile of JACDS

1. Name and Address

Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores (JACDS)

4F, No.2 Kaede Building, Shin-Yokohama 2-5-10, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

TEL +81-45-474-1311

FAX +81-45-474-2569

2. Date of Establishment

June 16, 1999

3. Purpose of Establishment

JACDS was established for the purposes of

  1. Promotion of the industrialization of Japanese drug stores within the health-care industry,
  2. Compilation and provision of appropriate information for use in the specificdevelopment of the drug store industry,
  3. Implementation of proposals and suggestions from consumer, industry and government groups involved in the drug store indutry, which will serve to contribute to the health and lifestyles of Japanese.

4. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is chaired by Keisei Aoki, Board Chairman of KUSURI NO AOKI Co.,Ltd., and consists of other 52 directors and 2 auditors.

5. Organization

Besides the Board of Directors, in which important issues are deliberated, JACDS has the following 13 committees to execute the practical operations.

~ Industry Standards Promotion Committee ~
Conduct activities to spread and promote standardized EDI (logistics BMS).
Hold seminars regarding operation methods for standardized EDI (logistics BMS).
Consider problems of system implementation about reduced consumption tax rate, and proceed with preparations.

~ Organization Committee ~
Exchange views on issues of organizational strengthening in block general meetings and branch president meetings.
Encourage awareness of association activities and reflect opinions of members in activities.
To further promote intimate contact with prefectural Pharmaceutical Affairs Division.

~ Registered Sales Person (RSP) Committee ~
Generalize the concurrent position of JACDS branch manager and JMC* branch manager.
Promote improvement of qualities of RSP.
Propose and promote further utilization of RSP to administrations, companies, and communites.
*JMC: JAPAN Association of OTC-Medicine Counselors

~ Drug Store Pharmacists Association Preparation Committee ~
Consider and prepare for Drug Store Pharmacists Association.
Consider and implement the content of activities and JACDS’s support content.
Propose opinions and make proposals for expanding the professional capacity of pharmacists working at drug store.

~ Self-Medication AWARD Committee ~
Organize the 13th Self Medication Award.
Organize the 6th Health(SELME) senryu contest.
Concider utilization of winning works and implement its contents.

~ Social Contribution Committee ~
Conduct support and spread fund-raising activities for Soraputi Kids’ Camp, a public interest foundation.
In order to prevent global warming,make a voluntary action plan report to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Research the further social contribution activities in drugstore industry.

~ Crime Prevention and Emergency Response Committee ~
Sharing information with member companies, prefectural police, administrative agencies, organizations and manufacturers aim for further strengthening of cooperation.
Promote the conclusion of disaster supply agreement between local administrations and member companies.
Continue doing shoplifting prevention campaign.

~ Legal Committee ~
Extract and propose tasks based on the intent of member companies.
Study and consider deregulation for promotion of self-medication.
Activities to realize the content that matches the direction of the association.

~ Dispensing Promotion Committee ~
Develop dispensing promotion plan in drugstore.
Strengthen pharmacist recruitment support by making documents to better understanding of the possibilities of a drug store for Pharmacist University and Pharmaceutical Students.
Prepare practical training system for Pharmaceutical Students, and appeal to pharmaceutical universities and others.

~ Policy Promotion Committee ~
Construct logic for OTC drug to be subject to reduced tax rate, and work on realization.
Perform activities to make permanent special measure of consumption tax price display.
Request for relaxation of condition for expanding use of Self-Medication tax system(Income deduction).

~ Drugstore Exhibition Steering Committee ~
Organize the 18th JAPAN Drugstore Exhibition.
Promote to exhibitors in new categories in addition to exhibitors so far.
Appeal further possibilities of drugstore in super aged society to the industry and administrators, consumers.

~ Executive Committee ~
To study a stable source of income for the association operating costs.
Review of the Association management expenses, tackle the reduction.
Revenue expansion of the drugstore industry research report briefing.

~ Business Promotion Committee ~
Promote business aiming to realize “concept of Health Hub Station for town” and “the next-generation drug store vision”.
Start preparation for the 20th anniversary commemorative project in 2019.
Consider about hosting the Japan Drugstore Exhibition in 2020.

6. Number of JACDS Members

1) Profiles of JACDS members
Regular members (drugstores and other retailers): 139 companies
Support members (manufacturers, wholesalers, drugstore-supporting companies,etc.): 222 companies
Individual members : 21 members
School members : 28 organizations
Total: 410 members (as of June 1st, 2017)

2) Profiles of regular members
(1) Sales : 65,348,000 million yen
(2) Number of retailing sites: 19,654 stores (as of June 1st, 2017)